Continuity is King to Run Faster.

Uncategorized Oct 22, 2021




In the sport science world, we use it almost daily “continuity is king” along with consistency it is the most often used word in our vocabulary.


The fact is, consistency breeds success in EVERY thing, and in the fitness space it is remaining consistent in a combination of different variables  that yields the most bang for your buck. At the risk of using the word too often consistency also builds... well,  consistency. There is no magic pill. 

The training must be consistent – clearly, but it also must be intelligent. Consistency in nutrition, hydration, sleep and attitude are crucial! 


And the biggest factor in all of this is PATIENCE. In a world of instant gratification via modern technology, we can have whatever we want when we want it.


This coupled with certain television programs, “Personal Trainers weight loss photos” on social networks, nutritional pyramid schemes, and...

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Process First for Best Results from your Running Coach.

Uncategorized Oct 18, 2021

Process first for best results.

 We are living in a world of instant gratification, this is not the first piece to mention that and it wont be the last. We are being programmed to want more and want it now, by our phones via social network and similar apps, from commercial television and even with the ease of which this email has landed in front of your eyes. We do live in a world of comfort which is great, and we are all forever grateful.  

But in many things, be it in a professional, academic or athletic performance pursuit we need to move away from this notion of "Instant Gratification"

We need long-term goals and short term goals, yes. But more importantly we need to learn to program our brains to focus on enjoying each day and each training session and not to rush it. 

We mustn't allow our mood or consistency to be driven by how we perform in training or how we feel from a fitness point of view, we can not react to a bad training session or race.

We just...

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Why Do We Run?

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2021

Why do we run?

It is a question that you may have never asked yourself, why do I run?

When we are children we run for many varying reasons, to play, for freedom, to explore, to get to the shops, to get to school, or to run away from siblings lol. 

As we get older, other interests, possibly other sports, work, or life in general may put an end to this youthful freedom of running with reckless abandon. It is unfortunately part of life in the western world. Other "things" take over. 

Unless as a teenager you run cross country or track or play a field based sport that involves a need for a strong aerobic base, running for running itself seems to take a back seat until at the earliest in our early 20s and for some others well they may not lace up again until they are in their 60s.Which brings me back to my title, why do we run?

In my experience we all start for different reasons, and continue running for different reasons there after. But at it's core we all continue for very...

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Interval Training Courtesy Of The Worlds Best Running Coaches.

Uncategorized Sep 07, 2021

Interval Training. A term most people may have heard of, but is sometimes misunderstood.

Today I want to talk about the evolutions of interval training and the whys behind it. 

As a Running Coach, and Online Running Coach,  I have been prescribing interval training every day since 2007 and been completing interval training sessions for years before that. 

When you drill down on it, RUNNEZ sessions are 45 minute interval training sessions for any level of athlete,  that can be done running, riding, rowing or walking. But the basic physiology and methodology in every RUNNEZ session is to help the athletes completing them progress and run faster and more economically from 1500m to the Half Marathon, then if on they are on  right plan that will parlay over to the Marathon, Ultra Marathons and field based sports. 

What is it and Why Interval Training? How does it help me? 

I'm a big believer in humans of all fitness levels, ages, backgrounds and...

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How To Break A Plateau.

Uncategorized Sep 02, 2021

How to break a plateau!


Running has been an exhilarating journey for you, you have never felt better, you have dropped KGS, you are running longer than ever and your 5km time is minutes faster than you ever dreamt it could be. Yes indeed this is the honeymoon period of your running life. If you have been a runner for long enough though you would have experienced some form of running and fitness plateau. It can be very frustrating when the paces stagnate, the miles become harder and every step feels hard. 

Well take a step back take a breath and relax because it's normal! We all stagnate in performance from time to time for many varying reasons.

As a running coach I have see some form of it weekly and have experienced the plateau myself many times,  I have my fair share of advice to give to you today if you are reading this in a similar situation. 

The trick is identifying it and using the below tips to overcome the roadblock in your way to achieving even...

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The Olympics the world needed.

Uncategorized Aug 20, 2021

It was delayed over 12 months.

There was much conjecture as to whether it should go ahead at all even this year. 

It promised to be a very different Games, without spectators and their energy, surely it wouldn't quite live up to previous editions held within cauldrons in front of hundreds of thousands of screaming fans, be it Atlanta, Sydney, London or Rio. 

With the rest of world in the grips of the Covid-19 pandemic, economies crippled and so many people "just getting through" would anyone even care about the Tokyo Games?

We needn't have worried, because in a time like to no other in history.

It truly was the Olympics the world needed. 

The feats of human performance, resilience and genuine care for others were plentiful and reminded us all that there is plenty of good in the world. 

As an Online Running Coach who coaches people from all over this great planet,  my attention as it normally is was fair and square on the week 2 athletics schedule.

But, as...

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Improve Your Running Form

Running Form Prompts

G'day there,   

Running technique is an oft discussed topic, and I do discuss it a lot in my coaching videos. 

If you are looking to improve your running form, than I do believe I can help YOU.  

The biggest tip I can give you in regards to running form is to relax at all times.  The last thing I want you to do is read the below and overthink the process.  Overthinking is never good for anything!  

In saying that, take on the tips below if you are interested and maybe work on improving some of these fundamentals.

Even just working on one of these every few weeks will help.   

  1. Don't overthink it - As mentioned, we want to aim to limit anxiety, don't waste your energy, it will destroy your performance. Use running as a form of meditation.  
  2. Relax physically - Relax and soften shoulders, neck, arms and hands, again no unnecessary energy expenditure, elbows at around an 80-100 degree...
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How To Improve Your Running Pace

How do I improve my pace?

This is a common question !!!!

The below statement is an example I just made up but could be anyone of a Billon people right now. 

"I have been running consistently for 12 months now, the first 4-5 months of training with some intensity and purpose I made drastic improvements.

The last 5-6 months I cant seem to get my pace down at all!!

Every run feels hard!

And I just cant see how my pace will ever come down, help !!"

Is the above YOU at the moment!? 

We have all been there and it usually comes on after 12 months of running consistently. 

I am here to tell you that it is normal, and you can work through it. Here is how to keep running and keep progressing your paces even after years of running.  

Firstly, my biggest tip will always be do not be a slave to the watch, pace and times in training. Run on feel on most occasions, even in hard Runnez workouts run on feel. 

Long runs- unless in a specific phase run on feel and slow...

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5 tips for running your first Marathon



Often a bucket list event for many, the beautiful distance of 42.195km is like the Everest for millions of runners worldwide, it has a certain mystique about it and has done for many years, possibly since the likes of Frank Shorter and later our own Rob DeCastella brought marathoning into the mainstream media and into our lounge rooms via the 72 Olympics and 83 world champs respectively. If one was to google how to run a marathon they would probably be bombarded with hundreds of cookie cutter programs, quite overwhelming for a runner stepping up to the distance for the first time. The marathon is an event that is to be respected but if the work has been done the day itself could be one of the most satisfying and memorable of your life. In the following article I have outlined my 5 most important tips to finishing (well) your first marathon.


Note these are not “running a PB marathon” tips they are for another day,...

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Exercise and Mental Health



We have all been there, 4.55am alarm blaring from your iPhone on your left-hand bed side table.


It seems at that moment, thousands of thoughts can spring into your mind in a few seconds (think a 1970s cartoon devil and angel on either shoulder moment) “GET UP, you will never regret a workout, and you will  feel so, so good all day” or “Oh I’m so tired… I could stay in bed an hour longer, I’ll just go tonight”


99% of you reading this would relate to the above, here’s my tip JUST GET UP! It’s ALWAYS worth it.


Once up, everything is OK, no one said you had to attempt an Olympic record off of 5 hours sleep, or smash out 10 x 400's in 68 seconds, but one thing is for sure consistency beats intensity every day of the week! You’re much better getting your consistent training in, then “going to the well” on the days where you feel capable or it is really...

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