To Get Fast, Sometimes You Need Run Slow.

The slow days are important too


Our beautiful worldwide community of runners and fitness enthusiasts in the RUNNEZ Redzone and Runnez Coaching App  inspire us everyday with their stories of learning to run, running PBs, running marathons, losing weight or simply just feeling and moving better each day. 

All of these are beautiful outcomes, but there are also some very valuable lessons learnt along the way on the days that may not seem so positive at first.  As we always say, we must LOVE the PROCESS, and that means gratitude and intelligence around the days where we don't feel AMAZING, or SUPER FAST.  On the day's we are feeling fatigued, tired, sluggish, bloated  and slow, do not force it.   These days are just as important as the days you feel great and they are the days that will compound and add to months and years of consistency, leading to the results you may have been lacking.   Unless you are unwell, in that case take the rest you need, on the slow days even if a workout was planned just run easy! It's that simple, be kind to yourself, stop looking negatively on the session and accept that this is how you feel today. By doing this you will derive benefit from the easy run as well as allowing your body to regenerate faster so you will feel better when it is time to go hard again. 

    It is a Win/Win!

It does sound simple when put in front of you in writing, but it is hard to do if you are in a habit of negative self talk, or even if you are a slave to the watch and paces.  Here is another tip, don't look at the watch, or even better if you can't help but look, don't take the watch.  Learn to tune into your body and what it is telling you. What is your heart rate telling you?  Little niggles here and there?  Learn to hear them.  Just really engage with the art of running and forget how slow or bloated and tired you may feel on that particular day.  We all have those days, the trick is to jog through them while not putting yourself further into a hole and further compromising your immune system and regeneration properties. Running as we know is a patience game. Be patient and at the same time, be wise!  


Move with Gratitude


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