Why Run Strides?

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2022

Run your strides

You may have read the term in running programs, running books or your favourite running magazine. Strides or striders... they are included in most running programs, but often with no explanation as to how to complete them or why you are doing them.

So what are "strides" and why do we need them????

Generally strides are efforts of 50metres to 150metres usually done in a rep range of 3-6. Completed at a quick pace, 5km race pace or quicker or above 90% perceived rate of exertion with a walk back recovery.

They are very important for teaching our nervous system to recruit and fire fast twitch muscle fibers, for promoting and retaining fast twitch muscle fibers and for teaching our bodies how to run fast and how it feels. They are best done in the absence of fatigue eg after an easy jog and with the walk recoveries. Strides are  not done to improve aerobic power or for increasing your lactic threshold, ( That is what the RUNNEZ sessions are for) They are done for improved coordination, power and neuromuscular capacity.  

They should not be forced, rather find a rhythm whilst holding a good speed and they should be short enough that you can hold a relaxed running form throughout. 

When to run strides ? 

If you run most days of the week, strides can be completed 1-2 times a week after an easy jog or a tempo type session. If you are only running 2-3 times a week then they best done after a harder workout eg a Runnez session or after a good warm up before that hard quality workout. 

Never do strides without doing a proper warmup first. 

Get out and get your strides done, for when it comes to speed and fast twitch muscle fibres, if you don't use it you lose it. 

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