Continuity is King to Run Faster.

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In the sport science world, we use it almost daily “continuity is king” along with consistency it is the most often used word in our vocabulary.


The fact is, consistency breeds success in EVERY thing, and in the fitness space it is remaining consistent in a combination of different variables  that yields the most bang for your buck. At the risk of using the word too often consistency also builds... well,  consistency. There is no magic pill. 

The training must be consistent – clearly, but it also must be intelligent. Consistency in nutrition, hydration, sleep and attitude are crucial! 


And the biggest factor in all of this is PATIENCE. In a world of instant gratification via modern technology, we can have whatever we want when we want it.


This coupled with certain television programs, “Personal Trainers weight loss photos” on social networks, nutritional pyramid schemes, and commercial gyms promoting 12 week challenges it’s no wonder people want to reverse months, years or decades of sedentary behaviour and/or poor nutritional choices in 12 weeks.


Unfortunately, the above “get rich quick schemes” are just that!


Thankfully most people these days  see them for what they are, very uneducated people trying to make a dollar with scant regard for anyone else but themselves. When it comes to  physiology, patience is a beautiful thing!


In coming from a distance running coaching and AFL back ground structure is king and in regards to the preparation phase, the longer the better!

But that is a blog for another day, today I want to focus on people who are hard on themselves because they haven’t attained the body composition or superficial results “they thought they may have by now”.


This feeling is not helped by the aforementioned myriad of confusing information put out there by people who have something to sell or have paid for a few thousand insta followers and are now self-professed “gurus”.


My advice? take a step back, breathe and assess.


Step 1 - Gratitude – be grateful for having an opportunity to improve the organism that is your body.


Step 2 - With a coach, mentor, friend, or by yourself set out some long-term goals 1-2 years or more.


Step 3 - Realistically build a plan, focus on everything- training, nutrition, sleep, hydration.


Step 4 - Enjoy the process, there are nearly 8 billion people on earth, not one is made the same, it will take time, if you are consistent with everything and take longer and longer between “blowouts” the results you are after will come, DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF EVERYDAY or in the same breath have negative talk about “how long it’s taking” – it’s akin to being at a job you dislike and looking at the clock every 15 minutes, it does nothing but put you in a negative mental state.


Step 5 - Following on from the last point embrace this as the “new normal” if you accept that this is now part of your everyday forever,  the results will then come, and they will be a beautiful by-product of what is your new healthy lifestyle. Remember Continuity is king as long as your consistent, you will be in a far better physical state in 5-10 years time than you are today.    


Move with Gratitude Legends 

Rick Mirabella


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